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Win a Necklace and a Manuka Soap Bar from N. Zealand!

Hey guys, Adventures of a Beauty Queen is having it’s FIRST EVER blog contest!!! I am SO excited to do this :)

YOU CAN WIN this Infinitry Pendant on a bar of Manuka Soap!!!

Up for grabs is this lovely Manuka Soap (which smells like heaven) and Necklace with a gorgeous Infinity Pendant. I found them in a lovely little shop in New Zealand during my recent trip there. The soap is handmade by Joanna White who manages “Handmade NZ Lavender Farm Ltd”. Click here to check out the website.

Just a short note on Manuka – it is the Maori word for the Tea Tree plant. I’m sure the kikays reading this will be familiar with Tea Tree oil products that are often used to fight zits.

Well, Manuka products have long been valued for thier healing properties by the Maoris, who are the indigenous people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Aromatherapy researchers have found Manuka Oil to have anti-bacterial properties (that’s why it’s effective vs. zits!) They have found it to be well-tolerated by the skin and to be helpful for itchy and irritated skin as well.

For the psyche, Manuka is reported to be beneficial in fighting stress, nervousness and anxiety. I have to agree with this last statement as the smell of this Manuka soap bar is powerful enough to make me feel as bubbly as a glass of champagne!

How to JOIN the contest:

1) Click here and READ this blog post I wrote about the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua, New Zealand

2) Leave a comment (on the link above) telling me what you liked best about the blog post.


How will winner be chosen? Best comments will be raffled off.

Deadline? Last day for commenting is Monday, March 8, 2010

Who can join? Metro Manila Residents only. (If you are not from Metro Manila you can still join but I will only ship the prize to a Metro Manila address. That means, you can still enter to win the prize for a friend/relative who lives in Metro Manila.

I hope you join my contest!!!!


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